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There is a new page at the site: Policy Governance Ubiquitous
Instead of being a generic web page, it is an essay with some personal comments. I wanted to be able to refer to our individual experience, and therefore sometimes use the first-person-singular pronoun. So, the page has a byline.
The title seemed too big to be a tab. I considered making it a blog article, but I thought it would become lost back there. And I felt the concepts are fundamental to the work of the site.
So, I made some changes to the site. There is a new main menu tab called Institute. The page that was called Institute is renamed, About This Institute. The pages, About This Institute and Policy Governance Ubiquitous appear on the dropdown menus under Institute.
To pull this off I had to find out how to make the main menu item, Institute, not have its own page. (This is for my future reference.) The technique is described here: https://qoHow to Create WordPress Menu Items Without a
Sherry, please let me know what you think about this.