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    How about, on the INSTITUTE page, a section about Policy Governance Ubiquitous?

    Point out that

    • you and I have been teaching PG for decades
    • as long as we are true to the core aspects of PG, J&M Carver have told us that the methods we use to practice PG, and teach it, is our business — the core values are required if we are to use the mark: Policy Governance®
    • we pledge that we will remain true to all of the core aspects of PG
    • we have concluded that the orthodox method of teaching PG sets up the board to eventually fail to use and experience the benefits of PG
    • we have discovered that PG is not difficult to learn, and the concepts are easy to grasp
    • you don’t need to fully implement PG and then ‘flip the switch’ because there are many elements of PG that can be beneficial to good governance and can advance your board towards eventual implementation of PG (and you may use these now)
    • we are exploring ways that small organizations can learn and use PG effectively without becoming dependent on an expensive consultant
    • our goal is to see the day that PG is a tool that most boards use because it is the best way to govern — PG becomes as ubiquitous as Robert’s Rules of Order (we are talking about it becoming ubiquitous, not endorsing the Rules)
    Sherry Jennings

    I think a page on PG Ubiquitous is a good idea


    There is a new page at the site: Policy Governance Ubiquitous
    Instead of being a generic web page, it is an essay with some personal comments. I wanted to be able to refer to our individual experience, and therefore sometimes use the first-person-singular pronoun. So, the page has a byline.
    The title seemed too big to be a tab. I considered making it a blog article, but I thought it would become lost back there. And I felt the concepts are fundamental to the work of the site.
    So, I made some changes to the site. There is a new main menu tab called Institute. The page that was called Institute is renamed, About This Institute. The pages, About This Institute and Policy Governance Ubiquitous appear on the dropdown menus under Institute.
    To pull this off I had to find out how to make the main menu item, Institute, not have its own page. (This is for my future reference.) The technique is described here: https://qoHow to Create WordPress Menu Items Without a
    Sherry, please let me know what you think about this.


    Sherry, the PGI page is there, but until you approve the contents, and before Google catalogues it, I’ve removed it from the menu. That means if you are not logged in, you won’t see it. As soon as you are logged in, it will appear.


    Sherry, as a result of your suggestions, I’ve made some changes to Policy Governance Ubiquitous.
    There is a new first paragraph. It begins:

    If you are reading this you probably have heard of Policy Governance®. If you are a board member…

    In addition to drawing in the reader by starting talking about you, it also outlines what the whole article is about. I think that improves the essay form.

    I’ve then made a number of small changes throughout the article.

    Finally, I’ve changed its status from private to public. So any visitor will be able to read it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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