About This Institute

Your nonprofit benefits the community with support, resources, and powerful partnerships. Your return on your community’s investment is inspired by social profit instead of monetary profit. In a community, nonprofits serve to provide arts, education, healthcare, financial services, and other services that add to the quality of life. Your beneficial involvement with the community is already making a difference in the lives of others. As a well-managed and well-governed social profit organization, you constantly seek ways to gain efficiencies or become more effective in your work. Even if you believe your organization is one of the best in your community, you know you could always improve. At the Social Profit Institute (SPI), our work helps good management and governance teams to create great organizations.

Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, social profit organizations may not be able to work face-to-face with uniquely experienced and knowledgeable nonprofit consultants. Despite the cost benefits of working remotely, building confidence and trust in an online consultant can be difficult. SPI was created to overcome the barriers to developing a relationship with a trusted advisor and provide you with the resources you seek to take your organization from good to great.

The Work of the Social Profit Institute

At SPI, we’re interested in smart, adaptive organizations that exist to serve the real needs of the community. With the scale and pace of global economic and social disruption, questions about governing, accountability, ethics, and management will need new answers as organizations adapt to a changing environment. Despite strategic planning and fund development, supporting resources are less available to many nonprofit organizations. Yet, if your organization’s mission is compelling and the business model is sound, why do you fail in attracting the resources you need? If organizational leadership cannot determine the underlying cause of this failure, then the problem may be the process of decision-making or making judgment about your business outcomes. Judgment and decision-making may be influenced by what has been learned in the past instead of an imaginative and inventive view of the future. The fact is the pandemic has already brought change to your nonprofit. What you see as change is also an opportunity to create a new and brighter future for your social benefit organization.

Our exclusive course offerings at SPI provide a system built on what is comfortable and known — your values. Far more than creating a new mission or vision, we go beyond traditional board retreat products and align decision-making processes throughout the organization. We will show you how everyone in the organization benefits from a commitment to achieving the desired future state of your organization. When everyone in the organization is aligned with organizational values, you will reap the rewards of conscientious accountability. As a result, you will have an organization-wide system of continuous improvement.