For decades Robert and Sherry have been offering consulting services to our clients. To find out more about that, and to contact either of us directly, please visit our individual web sites. {No, these links should go to the pages at this site, and those pages have links to our external sites.}

Sherry S Jennings is the principal of Sound Governance
Robert J Ballantyne is the principal of Ballantyne & Associates

Online Courses

Beginning in 2020, Sherry and Robert will be offering online courses.

To see what is currently available, or upcoming, please go to the Social Profit site at Thinkific Online Learning.


Better Governance. We begin with the Principles of Policy Governance ® and work with social profit boards of trustees (directors) to implement better governing practices.

Better Management. We work with CEOs and managers reporting to diligent and ethical boards to implement more effective relationships between the senior staff and their boards.

Consultants who facilitate envisioning the future. Our clients must understand the communities’ real needs, and develop effective remedies. Our consultants help them to understand the process of required community transformation, and to develop effective strategies.

The Corporation. The corporation has become one of the world’s most powerful institutions. Today nonprofits (social profits), benefit organizations, and hybrids can use the corporation to assemble the resources to make a better world.

Social Profit Institute is a new idea. Brand new concept! Brand new website. We will be developing content in the coming months. Please check back to see what emerges. We have lots to do and think about before this baby site grows up.