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    I didn’t particularly like the way our pictures were floating at the end of the intro line of our pages. So, I’ve been fiddling with mine.

    I’ve used a large image of me with a caption — it is the first item at the top of the page. It is centered.

    Then I tried that with your portrait. It turns out that the image I was using is only 270×270 pixels — too small to enlarge on the page. I’m guessing I grabbed that image from one of your sites when I was drafting that page.

    Please send me a large image of yourself as you’d like to have it appear here. It should be rectangular or square, but not vertical.

    Next, the associated copy is now a caption to the picture. Let me know what text you’d like to have as the caption to your picture. Note that Google will grab the image along with the caption and the ALT text and that will end up searchable as an image.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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