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We begin with the Principles of Policy Governance ® and work with social profit boards of trustees (directors) to implement better governing practices.

Explore Better Management

We work with CEOs and managers reporting to diligent and ethical boards to implement more effective relationships between the senior staff and their boards.

Social Profit Institute is a new idea

Brand new concept! Brand new website. We will be developing content in the coming months. Please check back to see what emerges. We have lots to do and think about before this baby site grows up.

The Corporation

The corporation has become one of the world's most powerful institutions. Today nonprofits, benefit organizations, and hybrids can use the corporation to assemble the resources to make a better world.


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The Social Profit Institute is a concept and now a website. As we work out the details we'll post more here. In the meantime, contact us directly, or use the form below.

Sherry S Jennings

Consultant to Boards & Management

Based south of Seattle, WA, Sherry has clients across the United States and Internationally. Sherry is the Principal of Sound Governance.

Robert J Ballantyne

Consultant to Boards & Management

Leadership roles in planetariums, tourism, environmental organizations, now a consultant to social profit organizations and individuals. Based on Bowen Island in Canada. Click photo for his website.


We love working with non-profit and social benefit organizations. When well-governed and well-managed these social profits have the power to assemble the necessary resources (people, money, things) to transform our world for the better.

The Work of the Social Profit Institute

We see the Traditional Corporation is Going the Way of the Dinosaurs
Uber, AirBnB, and Etsy have changed the way we think about transportation, vacationing, and the retail experience. When you begin to add to the mix L3Cs, FPCs, Benefit Corporations and nonprofit hybrids, a number of creative, adaptive entities are springing up. One need only look at the payments VW will be shelling out for its emissions scandal to understand why a liability shielded model like a Benefit Corporation is appealing to both consumers and entrepreneurs.


When we picture dinosaurs, we often think of huge, ferocious creature that ruled the earth. Scientists still debate whether it was a massive catastrophic event or climatic change the dealt the fatal blow to the dinosaurs. I tend to like the explanation from PBS: “The species that perish are poorly adapted to a changing set of conditions.” Dinosaurs may have been beaten by packs of smaller, better-adapted animals. Not dissimilar to the huge, powerful corporations of today.

We might be seeing a similar set of changing conditions that could drive out the traditional corporation. Fortune 500: it’s do-or-die time for digital disruption

At the Social Profit Institute, we’re interested in smaller, adaptive organizations that exist to serve the real needs of global or local populations. Questions about governing, accountability, ethics, and management will need new answers as organizations adapt to a changing environment.

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